My name is Earl

Twas the end of a mad day and I was running low on gas, so, fuelled by nutella on toast (again), I logged on to my email with my campaigning hat. I like to finish the day with an effort to make life that little bit more bearable for someone else, in a kind of good karma ‘My name is Earl’ way. It also eases the guilt of feeling hunky-dory when life is shit for so many other people. The guilt of the happy is a luxury felt by people who have food, shelter and security – one of those goes missing then its back to me, myself and I. Trouble is there are far too many people who have all and that and more plus bonuses and are still ‘me, myself and I’, which is why Oxfam’s Robin Hood tax campaign is such a genius yet simple idea – tax the banks. Its only a small tax, but the it would be enough to build a serious bridge between the poor and the rich both in the UK and globally. If you agree click here to find out more and sign the petition.

On the subject of petitions, I was heartened to hear that although one of my favourite films, Philomena, missed out on an Oscar (which it definitely should have got), perhaps even better is the news that the film has inspired a petition to change the law in Ireland. Currently if you were born in Ireland and adopted, you do not have a right to see your information in your parentage. Philomena Lee, whose story¬†inspired the film, together with her daughter has started a campaign to change this law so that all those poor children and parents who were separated for decades by the ‘evil nuns’ can be reunited. On her path to changing the law, she is raising awareness of the catholic church’s vastly out-dated views and the impact that negative religious beliefs can have on generations and as society as a whole. For more information on The Philomena Project, visit the Adoption Rights Alliance, which is spearheading the campaign.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. It would be great if you could support the campaign.

Thanks for reading.


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