World Without End

Another pound in the pot to Unicef for a missed blog post last night. I crawled in last night after having had a beyond manic day at work, an afternoon swim and then the boot camp style exercise class led by the ex ballerina, who also, as it turns out is addicted to exercise. She runs 10 classes per week all of which are high octane, swims 50 lengths and runs, a lot. It shows to she is like a grasshopper, with muscley shapely legs and an incredibly tight upper body – fat is not permitted on her real estate.

I on the other hand have the odd wobbly bit. During some of the exercises I try to grasp whether it is good to feel your body wobble as much as possible, I like to think I could actually shake the excess off.

When I returned I got distracted by toast and Marmite (which I have a big soft spot for). I discovered a café in London that serves the most delicious bread with lashings of everything you fancy plus dreamy coffee. Marmite, honey and peanut butter all mushed up together yum! But that doesn’t help with butt reduction.

I then got distracted by car hunting online – we don’t really need to replace our car but just fancy a change. My mum said that, as a couple, that was our only vice. “you don’t drink or smoke so cars is your thing and that’s fine”… except smoking and drinking would be cheaper.

I then plunged into another chapter of Helen Thomas’ memoirs and couldn’t put it down so finished ‘The World Without End’. The ending was so poignant and created a small hole in my heart for the appreciation of her loss – it describes the moment she said goodbye to her husband as he began his journey away from their family home to fight the last time she saw her husband before he died fighting in France during WW1. It goes something like this:

‘I stood at the gate watching him go; he turned back to wave until the mist and the hill hid him. I heard his old call coming  to me: “Coo-ee!” he called. “Coo-ee!” I answered, keeping my voice strong to call again. Again through the muffled air came his “Coo-ee!” And again went my answer like an echo. “Coo-ee” came fainter next time with the hill between us, but my “Coo-ee” went out of my lungs strong to pierce to him as he strode away from me. “Coo-ee!” So faint now, it might be only my own call flung back from the thick air and muffling snow. I put my hands up to my mouth to make a trumpet, but no sound came. Panic seized me, and I ran through the mist and the snow to the top of the hill, and stood there a moment dumbly, with straining eyes and ears. There was nothing but the mist and the snow and the silence of death. Then with leaden feet which stumbled in a sudden darkness that overwhelmed me I groped my way back to the empty house.’ By Helen Thomas, World Without End

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you can support the campaign please visit Unicef here.

Thanks for reading.


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