After Eight

My earliest memory was when I was age 7 and even then it was a pretty crap one of recalling how I tried to yank my dress down to try and mimic the long flowing tresses of the bridesmaids at a wedding I attended. For me the memories don’t start to get real until the age of 8 when it was the year I went to Disneyworld, had my first crush on a boy, felt awkward in dayglo, got the hang of riding rising trot on a horse and began to jump ponies too and had frequent bust-ups with friends and my parents. It was a milestone for me on a variety of levels.

Now my daughter has reached that milestone, I keep searching my brain to match my recollections of being 8 with my daughter’s reality. Was I that aware of fashion? How much did I know about the world already and….dare I say it….sex? It is hard as a parent to allow your child to grow up, particularly when your daughter is 8 going on 18.

One area where there has been a definite change is clothing. I was thrilled that my favourite clothing brand Frugi, now do children’s clothing up to size 10. The clothes are brilliant – fair trade, comfortable and hard-wearing. Perfect for little boys like my son. However they are not ‘cool’ enough for my daughter. Every time I turned a page and suggested an item if clothing she would shrivel up her nose and say ‘too girly’. I would love my little girl to remain looking a little girl but as she will have me know ‘I’m not little anymore Mum’.

So I asked her if she would like to have a go at creating her own Frugi designs that put a tick in the ‘cool box’ and she was up for it. I just need to see what Frugi think now…..I will keep you posted.

Check out Frugi here.

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