Big is beautiful

I just watched Big Ballet on channel four and was incredibly impressed by the grace of the dancers. I assumed that because the dancers were carrying weight, they would lack finesse but I was very wrong. At the end one of their trainers who used to work for the English National Ballet praised the performance but said he didn’t think that big Ballet had a future.

Well I would like to request that it does have a future as I would love to take my daughter to such a performance so she knows that size is not a factor in dance – any size can look and move fantastically on stage. What also struck me was how quickly I grew accustomed to watching bigger dancers, to the extent where I would have found it strange for a very skinny dancer to appear. History has dictated that dancers should be skinny, bordering on skeletal but why? I say bring on Big Ballet and replicate this model everywhere where skinny currently dominates – from fashion to sport.

When we were on the cruise ship there was the Flo rider for budding surfers and more experienced semi-pros. The best female surfers, who were performing stunts and confidently swishing their board from side to side were big and impressive. It looked like the wetsuit may have been a bit of a struggle but mastering the waves was not.

Big is beautiful and such experiments as big Ballet prove that thin is just a passing fashion, like mini-skirts or polo necks. Its time for a change.

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Thanks for reading.


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