Training for pudding

My bum feels tight, I have whatever hormone courses through your veins after exercise…um…. coursing and I feel that cosy and comforting tiredness you feel after physical exertion. After a day at work buzzing around, swimming at lunch-time and then prancing around with the ex-ballerina fitness teacher I feel I have done my body some good (and counteracted the apple flapjack and custard pudding, cadburys buttons, chocolate biscuits and jam on toast ….and that’s just the sweets).

In the showers I asked one of my fellow swimmers what she was training towards when she ran through her weekly activities of swim training and running, she replied ‘Im working towards pudding’. I knew I had found a kindred spirit. I like exercise because it makes me feel good about my body (or at least better) despite my sweet tooth. No exercise and I would be the side of a  house. No puddings and I would be miserable – so this is my compromise.

My husband has just distracted me with what’s showing on his google plus account, these insane dudes climbing shanghai tower with no ropes – Im pathetic when it comes to heights but 660 feet would make anyone’s legs turn to jelly – check out their film here.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef –  if you like this blog please donate to the campaign here.

Thanks for reading.


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