Born slippy

I have just eaten half a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits and am seriously considering polishing off the rest of the packet. I had a craving that I couldn’t resist and I knew, when purchasing the packet, that there was no way I would just have a couple. Which is why I don’t buy chocolate digestives as a rule. In the same way that ex alcoholics and smokers don’t buy drink or a packet because they know it would tip the scales.

I have no explanation for this other than I am on the way out of a shitty cold and need a boost (I am also going to an exercise class tomorrow night which is run by a fifty something ex ballerina who bounces around like a cross between tinkerbell, tiger and Muhammad Ali while the rest of us try to play catch up like a herd of elephants). So I will need some spare calories in store for that.

If there is one defining change in my thirties (other than becoming a parent for the second time), it is calorie counting. It has become an obsession to preserve a relatively slim shape as age takes hold. So much so that when I do slip up, I slip up big.

I have also stopped glancing at a bbc four review of the music of the 90s because I can’t believe how long ago it was that I listened to blur and enjoyed placebo, prodigy and suede. If I was to choose a favourite band it would have to be Manic Street Preachers. I also liked the American band Live, mainly because I went to see them live at the Brixton Academy. I remember my Mum drilling it in to me that I needed to protect my one good ear (I have one almost deaf ear) from the bass of the speakers as it could be damaging. I then felt like shit as a boy came up to me and bellowed, ‘is it too loud for you or something?’. I was 15 at the time and mortified, I promptly unplugged my ear and was willing to let them bleed so as not to lose face.

It was a good time to have taken my finger out because this is what I heard


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