No hard feelings.

So I didn’t get the job. Predictably I am disappointed but I am also a little bit relieved. There was always a question mark as to whether I would cope with the demands of the role and family life. The quandary that most working women go through. My daughter’s school also announced who they had decided should take over the role of headteacher and it wasn’t the lady on the acting headteacher role, who had been doing it since September. If I was a cynic I would say the decision was influenced to justify the 10k price tag on finding an alternative candidate – all that money for one applicant. If I was to be even more cynical, I would suggest that it also had something to do with what was dangling between the legs of one candidate and not the other. There was a lot of talk from the mum’s about how they wanted a man in charge. We are our own worst enemy – I didn’t realise the votes revolution was all that was required for equality. I can feel a growl coming on. I won’t mention by how many men I was outnumbered by today in a meeting or draw comparisons with a similar ratio in my job interview. All I know is that it sucks.

On that note I am going to halt before I douse my tiny bras in petroleum because I do find myself questioning just how far we have come and what work our daughter’s will have to do to make changes.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef – if U like this blog please donate here.

Thanks for reading.


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