until you have loved an animal….

My son and daughter have been battling with a bad cold lurgy this week, now its my turn. Despite feeling rubbish at school this week, my daughter won ‘student of the week’ and so I took her for a trip round the charity shops after theatre school this morning to choose some goodies. Already I am encouraging my daughter to become a bargain hunter. She picked up a plane kit and was surprised to see it was only £1.50 which meant she was able to shop around for a few more things. For less than 10 pounds she ended up buying two pretty cardigans, two plane kits and a film. If I had taken her to a toy shop she would have got one toy in a whole load of useless packaging. I am a firm believer in charity shops and I am not the only one. In the space of a year 2 more charity shops have appeared in the high street of my local town. Its a no trainer, your wardrobe gets a boost and so does the charity.

While shopping I also stopped into the pet food shop as I am concerned that one of my dogs, who is now in her 10th year, is losing condition and needs a more nutritious dog food. I asked the shop owner for his advice on what dog food would be best. He asked me what I am currently using and when I said Bakers he said, “well anything will be an improvement over that” he wasn’t smiling when he said this and made me feel like the food I have been feeding her should have been reported to the RSPCA. Nethertheless I took his advice and paid almost £10 for a bag of food that looks like it will last no more than a week but if it is better than the poison I am currently feeding her then its all good.

While my baby boy took a nap today and my daughter watched the film I had bought, I continued reading a book I had just got from the library (I had promised myself I wouldn’t do this as I have a kindle and I tend to rack up exorbitant fines at the library but I bid it is like a sweet shop every time I go in and when I see a book I like I have to have it). I am reading Clare Balding’s autobiography and I am loving it. Clare has divided the book into chapters according to the animals in her family. It pears that she comes from the old school English of stiff upper lips, boarding schools and no shows of public affection towards each other, by the sounds of it not even in private. So to get affection Clare turned to her animals, of which there were plenty.

 I too can’t imagine a family without animals. The book starts with a quote from Anatole France – ‘Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened’.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you like this blog please donate here.

Thanks for reading.



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