The interview marathon is over – shame about the technology

Two pounds to Unicef in offline fees as I have had my head buried in interview prep since my last post, but I am delighted to report that it is over and I will find out if I am successful or not on Monday. Over the past few days I have treated my brain like a sponge, wringing every last idea out of it until I had no more thoughts left in my head. Then came d day when I had to present to a panel of interviewers in an even bigger and more imposing room that the one I had my first interview in on Monday. Picture a banqueting room in a traditional country seat of the English aristocracy and you have an idea of the scale of the intimidation levels.

Of course my biggest concern was not on discussing my proposals for the brief they had set me but whether or not the technology I had brought with me for the presentation element of the interview (the tablet pc I am using now) would work. Typically it worked at home and during the 10 mins of prep in the car prior to the interview.

It didn’t work in the interview.

The presentation uploaded Ok but , I swiped the screen to move to the next slide nothing happened – it was as if I was trying to get an old school computer screen to do things simply by touching it. In an effort at encouraging compliance my fingers were performing extravagant manoeuvres but to no avail. When it was starting to get awkward, the recruitment agent thankfully said, “shall we just go through the paper document (which I had mercifully provided) and so the interview resumed without any further problems (apart from a few tricky questions). It is funny to think that even in 2014 things still work smoother when technology is eliminated.

They had offered to provide a laptop prior to the interview. I do not trust other people’s tech, but  I hadn’t realises they were going to rig it up to a massive screen for the presentation. So how ridiculous did I look when I showed up with my tiny surface tablet, placing it in the middle of an expansive mahogany table that seemed to span almost the entire width of the room.

Ho hum, lets hope they don’t select me on the basis of my finger swiping dexterity with tablets.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef – if you like this blog, please donate here.

Thanks for reading.



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