Funny side up

Its difficult to start this blog post without moaning. I am sat less than a foot away from the woodburner because I am cold either through a fever or because of the climate. I have cleared up piles of dog sick and baby boy sick today, I hear you say eurrgghh in unison. I have been told that I have colour in my skin since the holiday but I feel pasty white.

My daughter has a friend over for a sleepover tonight and they are struggling to sleep without having lullabies played on a repetitive loop on my husbands tablet. They have had a nice time playing at being dog trainers for a children’s tv show called ‘who let the dogs out’. My dogs weren’t as enamoured with the game, apart from the bit when they got fed. My daughter is now eight and i am very much enjoying this age already. I overheard a discussion between them earlier when they were brushing their teeth. They were talking about electric toothbrushes and the friend said, ‘its strange that you (my daughter) don’t have one, I suppose it is because my family are richer than yours.’ I chuckled to myself thinking this would make a good Harry Enfield sketch. I like the idea that a judgement can be made on a household’s finances based on the dental hygiene equipment they use – its probably quite an accurate indicator.

Baby boy has started crying again so i better cut this post short. Remember this post is for Unicef so click here to support the charity if you like what you read.

Thanks for reading.


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