its all good in hollywood, aint so great in blighty

We have been back in England for 6 days and we have experienced extreme wet weather, cold, mud, ill dogs, ill children, tired children and a tired and stressed out dad. Baby boy was sick this eve all over his bed thanks to yet another bug he picked up at nursery. He had only been back at nursery for one week last time when he got the ear infection. It is thoroughly depressing.

So I am going to retreat into holiday memories once again in this blog post and today I am going to mention highlights of our visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. By far the best experience that day, was the stunt show it was amazing, explosions, car jumps, high octane thrills. I loved seeing my son and daughter utterly captivated with both their jaws wide open like they were trying to catch flies. My daughter didn’t know what to think when Lightning McQueen drove on stage – to ascertain whether or not he was real she kept watching his mouth to see if it was moving. Baby boy wasn’t that scientific, he was just glad to see them ‘in the flesh’. After the event we had a picture taken with them and I wasn’t sure how baby boy would react to the roar of their engines – he loved it. He kept leaning towards Mater’s engine to get a closer look.

We also enjoyed The Muppets 4d show, during which the Muppets came out into the theatre while the film was playing – another kid jaw-dropping moment. Hubby and I enjoyed the Aerosmith rollercoaster, which was mostly in the dark and incredibly fast. The great thing about being parents is that you get to use the single rider entrance while the other half looks after the children – great for queue jumping. I think the best times are had when parents get to be big kids too. My fave moment was seeing my too cool for school daughter staring at Lightning McQueen in utter amazement and seeing my hubby finally ‘at home’ watching cars and explosions (being a petrol head as wllI was very happy too). We would have liked to have a go at the Nascar driving experience with Richard Petty, but they can’t fix child seats in the back.

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Thanks for reading.


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