Send me back across the pond, with the UK press

I am feeling like stirring up some political controversy tonight, it has been a while. My daughter cried tonight because she was missing America. My daughter was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from living on the opposite side of the pond. I too would like to return to our holiday in Florida. It was bliss.

I hate England, particularly at the moment. It is dark, wet, grey, soggy and depressing. Whereas Florida (or Orlando and Fort Lauderdale to be specific) was blue, bright, sunny and warm (OK sometime it was a bit chilly with that polar wind moving in from the North but the sun remained high in the sky where it should be). To retain the sunshine in our house I am buying more than our normal supply of Tropicana inspired by our trip between Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, when we passed row upon row upon row of heavily laden orange trees. In the depot there were trailers filled to the brim with ripe fruit – yum.

So I hear you ask when am I going to mention politics. Well there are a few things about American politics that irritate me. The main one being that the Government seem ‘OK’ with certain kinds of terrorism. In the past it was the IRA, when every time Gerry Adam appeared on the news in America he was being welcomed with open arms and congratulated. Meanwhile his party was killing and maiming British civilians. In Israel, the UK press report the ongoing suffering of Palestinians trying to live alongside the Jewish people. Yes Jewish people come under attack from Palestinian extremists but nothing like the atrocities the Jewish people inflict on the Palestinians. So when we see this we scratch our heads when in America there is an unwillingness by the Government to attack the Jewish government for their crimes. I believe this is a media problem. The easiest way to put it is that I seem to trust the UK media more than the US media for providing a fairer report and a more balanced assessment of conflicts and international issues. I am of course aware that all media are inevitably biased but it is to what extent. In the UK our press are less afraid to criticise Government. This in turn affects public opinion, as I discovered when communicating to a fellow blogger, N American Jew (memyselfandkids) who seemed to be completely unwilling to consider the Palestinian point of view as reported in the UK media. I don’t know what he was more blinded by, ignorance or faith. I am not religious I just believe in human rights regardless of country of origin or place of worship and when rights are being compromised or abused, I care.

Bu regardless of the country, politics does not put humans first, so I cannot level this criticism at America when the UK has the worst history in the world for infringing human rights and abusing people from other cultures and religions.

I think what I am really trying to say is that I wish Americans were more liberal in their politics and not such a closed book on thinking.

So bring back America (well Florida at least as I have yet to explore the other states), its massive highways, confusing crossroads (think I do prefer the roundabout system), crude advertising, massive cars and amazing customer service (although tipping is a tad annoying if you are tight English gits like us).

I am blogging every day for Unicef, so if you like this blog, please donate here.

Thanks for reading.


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