Why I am not that fond of cats

Tablets still have a way to go. I am having to redo this post after nearly completing my draft because the tablet saw my attempts at copying and pasting to mean right click, select all and then replace with just one letter! Aahh, I couldn’t undo and then went to the posts menu to try and retrieve it and it had gone.

So, the crux of my post before the blooming tablet so rudely deleted it was that my Dad is feeling low after returning from holiday, not because of the general blues like myself, but because his friend has died and the cat ate her kittens. Yes you heard me the mummy cat ate all four of her kittens. Disgusting isn’t it. I think one she actually digested, the others she just left to die in her bed. My stepmum is being very sympathetic as the cat is only 9 months old (it was an accident and yes they are getting her spade). I have never heard of this before but then I am not part of the feline cat club and having observed how cruel they can be with their prey, nothing surprises me.

But my Dad was too sad to speak to me on the phone earlier and I feel awful that he is so low after returning from such a lovely holiday that he and my stepmum paid for. So I am going to postpone the reports on the trip for tomorrow so that I can have a little time to find a nice little mini break for them as a way of saying thank you and to cheer them up.

Don’t worry fellow bloggers, I haven’t forgotten the subjects I need to cover in the upcoming blogs, starting off with why waxing isn’t good for women or men pre holiday and the highs and lows of Disney, Universal and the Caribbean cruise.

This blog is for Unicef so if you like reading it please donate to Unicef here. (I will now plug in my rather useless detachable keyboard to attempt select, copy and paste attempt number 2).

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading.

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