Giving life events the ‘nudge’

I have been contacted by Save the Children to sign a petition to encourage William Hague MP and the UN to ensure the protection of children during Syria’s conflict by negotiating the following three point plan at the peace talks taking place later this month, they are:

– Not to prevent life-saving aid from reaching children

– Do not target, or use for military use, hospitals and health facilities

– Do not use explosive devices in populated areas

It took less than a minute to sign the petition so if you can add your name to it and help Save the Children reach 10,000 signatures please visit the petition site here.

Earlier today I experienced the number one problem of working Mums – an ill child at nursery. Turns out he has an ear infection and thank God for my Doctor and antibiotics, which will hopefully kick-in in time for our flight on Saturday. I am amazed at how quickly his temperature shoots up and relieved that calpol, a must have in any mum’s arsenal of life’s must have’s, quickly brings it back down again. I cant imagine what it must be like for mothers who have nothing but water to ease a fever.

It highlighted the problems I may have if I decided to go for a new job opportunity that has cropped up. It means more hours, less time with the family, but potentially a better lifestyle long-term and eases the earning pressure off my husband. So do you opt for the short-term or long-term? My answer is to apply and let fate do the rest. I am a great one for giving things a little ‘nudge’ and then like a river, just go with the flow of events.

Try not to, laugh, but my husband is getting his first wax treatment tomorrow (I know it is hysterical). He is going for the back but was tempted by the beautician into having his eyebrows too. I will let you know the results tomorrow 😊

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef – it would be great if you could donate to this campaign – any contribution would make my day.

Thanks for reading.



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