Feel the burn!

As I sit down to type this following my first exercise class of 2014, my thighs are still screaming mercy after several crunches involving a mat and  football. Just when I thought my body had found its limit, along would come the fitness instructor to do ‘a little adjustment’ through making it hurt even more “and now lift your head up” – at which point I started panting like I was breathing through contractions.

The instructor looked like a cross between Madonna, Darcey Bussell and hair like Sharon Osbourne (only about half the size of Madonna and Darcey) and if I had glanced at her CV, I wouldn’t have been surprised to read ‘Champion Irish Dancer’ and ‘graduate of the National Ballet’. To say I felt physically inferior was an understatement. But this was good as it gave me something to aim for (not that I have a hope in hell of replicating her physique but a bit of her flexibility, strength and muscle shape wouldn’t go  a miss).

This was a taster session for the new ‘pic and mix class’ – no sweets were involved, just a lot of sweat. For me, I know I have worked hard when my ‘moustache’ is wet – ‘Nice’ I hear you chorus. I am intrigued to know whether I will be able to walk tomorrow or whether it won’t kick in til the day after, either way I hope I will be recovered in time to do it all again next week – there is something rather pilgrimage like about enjoying exercise classes – for some reason, if it hurts then it must be good.

Hopefully I have burnt off enough calories to cancel out some of the lemon drizzle cake I baked earlier – wet and stormy weather is not good for the diet when all you can do is bake and eat.

Incidentally if you fancy a good recipe for lemon drizzle cake check out the BBC Good Food website.

This blog aims to entice you to donate some spare cash to Unicef – please read about the Unicef campaign here.

Thanks for reading.


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