2014 – bring it on!

Wow its 2014! What a Christmas was had in the South East of the UK. Power cuts, floods and general chaos. At one point we contemplated barbecuing our turkey outside on the chiminea because of the power loss (which would have been interesting as it was a bird big enough to fed 8-9 people). However Father Christmas came to the rescue and brought power with him as well as present for my  daughter and son (a rather lovely painting of a Swift 18 sail-boat for my daughter and a fire-engine for baby boy).

We were lucky, many people were out of power for the entire Christmas week. One day was a novelty – wrapping presents by head-torch, eating supper by candlelight, kids unable to watch TV) but beyond that it was a nuisance. My in-laws were putting up with a freezing cold circa 1600’s house, giving them a glimpse into what life was like for the inhabitants when it was first built. When the power eventually returned they then they lost water. We all got a healthy dose of realising what we take for granted.

This year we actually did something for New Year’s Eve. A few of us went round to a friend’s house, brought food and children and then proceeded to wreck the place (the children made quite a mess too). My baby boy eventually passed out at 11.15 and my daughter counted down to midnight with some of her classmates. It was great and well worth the baking frenzy earlier on in the day as we all scrabbled to get food together. We also played a game where we wrapped unwanted christmas presents and swapped them round the table at each roll of the dice. It got very competitive and a bit random (husband wearing my friends pair of Calvin Klein pants that she got for Christmas from her husband but were too small). I have yet to try them on but don’t fancy my chances….

I looked back at my blog post this time last year and was glad to read that I had completed some New Year’s resolutions – I raised, with my friends, over 200 pounds for the Bhopal Medical Appeal (a charity that helps the victims of the lethal chemical spill in India in the early 80’s that killed thousands and maimed thousands more). I also swam nearly 100 lengths for Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Swimathon. This year I will aim to swim nearly 200 lengths. I also want to research aid for Haiti as I will be visiting that country later on this month as my Dad has treated me and my family to the holiday of a lifetime cruising the Caribbean.

For newcomers to this blog, I write a post every day to encourage bloggers and visitors to WordPress to donate to Unicef – the charity that works to protect vulnerable children world-wide. For every day I miss a post, I donate one pound to Unicef. Over the Christmas period I have missed 8 posts, so that’s 8 pounds to Unicef. So far I have raised 92 pounds so I am now aiming to hit 200 pounds. If you would like to donate to the cause visit my page on Unicef’s site here.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!


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