A bird in the hand and too many in the freezer

What a stormy night. The house is leaking, baby boy’s window blew wide open sending the Christmas card he made for us spiralling out of the window :(. Meanwhile I have been attempting to make good use of two pheasants a neighbour gave to us (dead and plucked) after their friend gave them one to many birds for their chest-freezer. I admit I sounded a bit ungrateful when the neighbour offered them to us at first, “Are they plucked?”. I was also rather reluctant, as, being Christmas, I already had one huge bird in the freezer, and just didn’t have room for any more. So I de-frosted them and quickly searched BBC Good Food for  recipe that would involve minimal bird prep (in other words shove both birds in the oven at the same time and be done with it). I discovered a Raymond Blanc recipe that looked straight forward with only a little bit of faff (I have mentioned in earlier posts how much I admire chefs for their amazing ability to create gorgeous food through a lot of faffing and jiggery pokery).

As a person who relies on packet and jarred sauces, the idea of creating a jus and a bread sauce from scratch was daunting. But I was chuffed to bits when my husband polished off the dish with his conclusion of “‘ansome!”. Like women from decades previous who had slaved in front of a stove wearing a bright pinny, I was beaming with pride that hubby had approved. Although he did remark that it was a bit late to be eating at 10pm. “Masterchef would have done it a lot quicker”. Yes but it is even more challenging if your mother rings half-way through cooking and your husband is asking for the precise location of every towel in the house to soak up rainwater.

In fact they should add that as a new challenge in masterchef – to cook in a family kitchen whilst dealing with family and minor crises – it would make great TV.

I am now going to sign-off from this blog for Christmas – my offline fee will tot up nicely for Unicef while I overdose on food, TV and family. So to all fellow bloggers out there, stay warm, stay dry and stay happy over Christmas. I will blog again a couple of days after Santa has paid his visit. Lets hope Santa pays Unicef and all other children’s causes a helpful visit this Christmas.

This blog is here to raise money for Unicef – find out more about Unicef here.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Christmas



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