The hunt for a family

I saw something in the paper that made me catch my breath. It was an advert that was so effective in communicating the intended message that I instantly wanted to respond. The picture was of four pairs of wellie boots, children’s and adults. Underneath it was an appeal for two boys looking for a family to adopt them. Both were under five with learning difficulties and one had a visual impairment. Clearly the council had experienced difficulty finding a family for them. It was heart-breaking to read that boys so young had already lost all hope of being with their natural parents for whatever reason.

We looked into adopting after we struggled to conceive a second child. Typically when the social worker approved us to start the training course, I fell pregnant. We were obviously elated and agreed that we would look into adopting a third child if it was still possible in the future. What is difficult is that the adopted child must have their own bedroom and we have a three bedroom house. I am not sure the social workers would permit us making another bedroom available by getting our son and daughter to share, as this is only a short-term solution. They will  inevitably need their own rooms. I have also considered being a foster parent, but my husband is uncomfortable with that. So for now we will have to wait until we are in a position to extend our house or move. Until then I often think about the children we could be helping and how old they will be when the courts decided that they can no longer stay with their natural parents and then wait for the right family to come along. I sometimes think that a baby born now may need to be adopted by the time our house is ready or by the time we have finished our training. It Is heart-breaking to think so many children are waiting for adoption and it still takes 2 years or more to place children with their new families. Two years is an awful long time in a child’s life – it is too long.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you can help, please donate to Unicef here.

Thanks for reading.


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