Children in Need this winter

Ewan McGregor, long-time supporter of children’s rights charity, Unicef, has helped with the launch of a renewed appeal for help in Syria. Since the conflict began, six million children are in need of aid, 1 million children are living in refugee camps. Winters are particularly harsh in Syria and Unicef need as much funding as possible to get blankets, warm clothing, food and medicine to these children so that they can survive the winter.

Airliner Easyjet have also joined the campaign and are inviting all their passengers to donate their loose change and un-used currency to the campaign, with hundreds of thousands of passengers flying with Easyjet this Christmas, the campaign will hopefully get a much needed boost.

There are many causes appealing for help this Christmas. Syria is a humanitarian disaster with children the main victims of the conflict, by donating the money will ensure children struggling to survive in this war-torn country will have a chance of a better life in 2014 – it couldn’t be a better gift to give.

Through 2014, I have been blogging every day to encourage fellow bloggers to donate if possible to help Unicef protect children world-wide. For every day I missed a blog post, I donated one pound to the charity. So far this has totalled 87 pounds. Five pounds alone provides a family of seven with fresh clean water for a week. So thank you for reading this blog and continuing to support my efforts to make a change in the world one day at a time.

If you are able to donate to support the work of Unicef in Syria – please visit their site here.

Thanks for reading.


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