Faith in overcoming hurdles

Last day at work and school and I was hairing it around this morning like a turkey without a head (have just lost my train of thought as my hubby just came down the stairs stark bollock naked to load more logs on the fire). It has made me reflect that after ten years of marriage, we hardly admire each other naked for very long – there just isn’t the time. So it is a rare treat (particularly in the winter). The difference between newly weds and a 10 year in couple is a few years back I would have rugby tackled him to the ground in the nod, whereas now I pause to admire and then carry on typing this blog.

Not much happened today to pass comment on except that I took my powerhoop into work and encouraged my colleagues to have a go with comical consequences. Desks were bashed, paperwork went flying and at one point it was used as a form of warming up through exercise when we lost our heating temporarily.

This evening I was excited to be able to watch the best of showjumping on mainstream TV, well almost, the good old BBC red button to see Olympia’s puissance live. It is basically high jump for horses and as they scale each height level, the fence is jacked up even higher. What made this year’s winner special was the untidy but effective way in which the little mare (small compared to the other horses) jumped the intimidating wall leaving her rider and the audience stunned that all the bricks were left intact. Before every new height the Italian rider walked her up to the wall and peered over the other side with a smile as if to say – ‘lets do this’. He was also the only rider not to use a martingale or drop noseband on his horse, allowing her as much freedom as possible short of riding tack free. He trusted her to do her job so gave her the freedom to do it. A comparison can be drawn with the programme Educating Yorkshire and the relationship between the students and teachers. The teachers have faith the students can achieve and the students try because they know their teacher has faith in them.

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Thanks for reading.


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