An elusive Christmas spirit

I am embarking on this post after a marathon whirl of feeding animals, feeding kids, playing taxi and keeping a 2 year old busy during a school panto show. The next thing on my to do lit is sandwiches for tomorrows school Christmas party. But its now 10.30 and I’m knackered after a broken night’s sleep with a restless baby boy. Hubby is shattered too after a 2 hour commute to college as he strives for a qualification that will provide a career that takes less of a toll on his body. When we are both tired we are like two bulls tiring at eachother through a red curtain. In other words, a tad vulnerable to outbursts.

In these situations it helps to have dogs. Just by stroking them you instantly feel calmer. I took them to work today and I sensed that everyone in the office just relaxed a little. Dogs seem to act like sponges soaking up all tension and replacing it with calm. Its much better than a glass of wine, although an ideal post work and children evening would be a fire, plus dog, plus wine, plus a bit of classic fm. All I need to do is add a blanket on my lap and you would be forgiven for thinking I was aged about 80. But sometimes its exhausting raving to dubstep on Radio 1 and driving round like a maniac (OK I am not quite like that either).

At this point it is difficult to think of winding down for Christmas. In fact its difficult to think of Christmas at all. Part of the problem is that we don’t have a Christmas tree. We jut resent paying the expensive price tag for one, instead we may decorate a nice branch to be discovered on a walk. In the meantime though, our Christmas decorations are in bags on the bedroom floor and 2 year old baby boy enjoys sorting through them no doubt wondering why Mummy and Daddy have all these sparkly thing lying around. I felt particularly bad when he was fascinated with the Christmas tree at my daughter’s school. He was having so much fun tapping the baubles and looking at his rather round-faced reflection in them. So this weekend we will hunt some festive foliage down in the hunt for that elusive Christmas spirit.

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Thanks for reading.



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