All coiled up

So next week I will plunge into the coil mark 2. I am looking forward to the onset of Aunt Irma visiting again because it means I should be on track for next week’s procedure as you need to be bleeding to have it done. Oh the joy of being a woman. As the last coil was wonky, I have had several months of mood swings and spottiness. So bad in fact that I had to go to the Doctors to find out why I was having such bad moods and it was then she discovered the dislodged coil.

The biggest problem I experience during the moody time is my short temper and how little I can tolerate my husband. I love him to bits but, like all married couples, there are irritants. So I am hoping the coil will help re-programme me to take with a little dosage of the chill pill.

Of course it also helps to go to bed at a decent time too, as we were back late after a trip to the cinema to see The Hunger Games. A great concept that combines chapters of our worse history in crimes against humanity with sci fi and tech. What spoilt it a tad was the All American teenage hunks as the male characters but I was pleased with the strength of the lead female character, so often lacking in films. It also didn’t help that there were a bunch of young twats who found it more entertaining to check out their phones and jump around in their seats than watch the film. I felt like a complete granny when I uttered to hubby, “I don’t remember behaving like that when I was a teenager”. I may have a selective memory though……like my mother.

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Thanks for reading.


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