Something to shout about

My 7 year old girl said to me the other day, “Sometimes I sit and look at the bushes or something and wonder why I am here.”. I said that thought occurs to me also from time to time, I said, “Sometimes I don’t feel like being here at all if I am feeling really ill or I have an incredibly bad day (realising this was excessively morbid I added….) “But actually, regardless of the reason it is quite good being here isn’t it?” To my relief she agreed with me.

What I didn’t say was that there are many things that make you not want to be part of this world. In this situation it helps if you feel empowered to make a change to the world we live in. That is why the website is so good – it is an online petition to-do exactly that- change.

A petition running on change that is worthwhile supporting is the exposure of Newcastle University commissioning barbaric testing on primates outside of the UK to avoid our laws and animal protection measures. It makes for pretty grim reading – dead baboons in cages with their babies still clinging to them. I cant imagine that particular fact is outlined in their UCAS description. If you agree that this needs to stop then please visit the Change site and sign the petition here.

If there is an issue you feel needs to change then start a petition on change and let us know about it so that we can lend our support.

I am blogging every day for Unicef. If you can help with the campaign, check out my page here.

Thanks for reading.


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