Should have stayed in pj’s

Boy am I glad to see the back of this week. The cherry on the cake was making the effort to turn back on the morning school bus run when we realised it was mufty day to switch from uniform to home clothes. Having gone to the lengths of driving to school because we had to miss the bus in order for my daughter to change clothes, we realised that actually the theme was pyjama day and she shouldn’t have bothered changing at all. “Oh didn’t you read the last email?” muttered a passer by…No. As I saw my daughter rush into school past the headmistress who looked slightly ridiculous greeting the pupils dressed in her fluffy pink dressing gown, two thoughts occurred to me: 1) I hoped that at least one other parent didn’t get the last email so my daughter would have at least one fellow un-pyjamed out-cast for solidarity and 2) did the headmistress look more or less like a lesbian in a pink dressing gown (according to rumours she is having a ‘fling’ with the reception teacher).

Thankfully because of her parents, my daughter has grown-up with a resilience to these minor social misdemeanours so tolerates the teasing she gets for not conforming to majority (her mother’s fault) through occurrences such as mis-read emails, mis-interpretations and going against the grain of out-dated, semi-rural popular belief “girls don’t play football”.

Sometimes this approach, accidental or intended, makes life harder but on the flip-side it makes it a whole lot more entertaining and a tiny bit revolutionary as well – because you don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks……unless its really important….and not much in life is THAT important.

So goodbye crap week and hello to December.

BTW, On my way home earlier today I passed a woman walking a dog with a rug on its back with the words ‘Hearing dogs for deaf people’. What a brilliant use of canine intelligence – check out their website here.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you can support the campaign, check out the site here.

Thanks for reading.


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