The importance of ESP in cars

My husband is a member of an online community in his industry, He regularly logs on (excuse the pun) to find out the latest views on forestry and arborist equipment as well as join in on the general mumblings and grumblings about either not enough work, too much or pricing. Last night however a whole different topic dominated the community online.

One of the members had reported that his wife and 3 year old boy had been involved in a serious car accident and that his wife had escaped with a broken arm but his toddler was in a coma. He had reported this a few days ago and reading the timeline last night, it was shocking to read the subsequent updates. The hospital had concluded that his child had suffered a severe break in his neck to the extent that he will not be able to breathe unaided. Tears pricked my eyes just imagining the hell that guy is enduring. Life is cruel. What an impossible situation to be put it as a parent. How does a child of  three continue to grow with an iron lung? My husband and then started to talk about it but the horror of it is so unimaginable that I couldn’t bear to think what I would do except “just count to five while standing on a level crossing”. But with the advancement in medical technology what about hope? We are all hoping that things will work out for the family and that the little boy gets the chance of a future.

I then started to think about road safety. When I worked with the police, the statistic that kept increasing in the crime reports was the KSI figures – the numbers of people killed or seriously injured on our roads. It is such a difficult issue to tackle the police almost accepted that this figure would continue to go up and that the best they could do was try to minimise the extent of the increase. It prompted me to look t car safety and euroncap tests. Since 2011 Electronic Stability control (ESP) has been fitted as standard in cars as part of European legislation. The primary aim of this function is to control a skid so that the car goes in the direction of travel the driver is steering towards. It is estimated that ESP reduces the likely-hood of a crash by 25% and is claimed to be the most important tool in road safety after the seat belt. Watching footage of my husband’s car under crash test situation is not a peasant experience and I am keen for him to upgrade to a safer vehicle with ESP as standard and a more resilient chassis with a better safety rating. I will cost but I’d rather pay with money than a child’s life.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you are able to support the campaign, please visit my page on Unicef’s site here.

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