Party all night and sleep all day

Apologies for a lack of blog last night. Another pound in the post to Unicef. The reason, to put it bluntly, was because I was busy settling my baby boy to sleep after a busy day out partying with his friends to celebrate his 2nd birthday, which culminated in a pub meal and his lordship spewing all over me and the table!

His timing was impeccable. Enjoy a day at the farm on tractor rides, watching farm shows, and sliding down a toboggan on a big inflatable ring, eat a giant birthday cookie and a load of sandwiches and chips, then  ring it all up at the pub later at the precise moment when the waitress says, “I’m sorry you will have to vacate your table in 15 minutes as this table is booked for another sitting,”. We hadn’t even had a chance to order puddings. Never mind that we had booked the table weeks in advance (the booking alone had two phone calls and a visit pub before getting it confirmed). It also took 45 minutes to get the food to our table, so its not as if it was our  fault it was delayed. I wasn’t informed that we would be restricted on time until we arrived at the pub – a bit too fucking late to do anything about it then. So I am glad my son spewed over their precious table – serves them right for trying to do two big parties in one night.

In fact what is wrong with British restaurants? This isn’t the first time we have had problems with service. The food is either late or below par yet the bill is always pricey. I think eating in is the new going out.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you are able to donate that would be great – check out my page on Unicef’s site here.

Thanks for reading.


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