GPs’ patience wears thin with Jeremy Hunt MP’s insane policies

If you stop moving you atrophy. So every week I try to swim and exercise as much of my body as possible with a view to preventing arthritis. This morning I went to my powerhoop class and my skeleton was positively creaking under the strain of exercise. I felt like such a granny and I am still in my 30s so God knows what I will be like in my 60s.

I went to the Doctors to have my wonky coil removed and it  turns out that my womb is slightly wonky too – great! So I will have a scan to see what is preventing the coil from sitting correctly. While I was having the delightful experience of an internal examination (I have lost count of how many doctors, nurses and midwives have investigated that region over the years), we started to talk politics and the crazy policies that Jeremy Hunt and his department are devising. My GP said that (I quote), “he will kill off the primary care service”. Female GPs will become a thing of the past as the Government demand evening and weekend surgery opening hours. “I already work a 60 hour week and I have 2 children, where am I supposed to find the capacity for even more working hours?”. In addition to an all male GP service, the quality of service will rapidly diminish, the trainee GP who was in with the consultation said, “They are proposing that anyone under 75 should only have 5 minutes with their doctor, that is just dangerous – how are we supposed to diagnose accurately based on discusson and examination that is 5 minutes long?”. They then mentioned how bureaucracy in the NHS had worsened since then change in Government. Sounds like they are putting form-filling ahead of patient consultation – Makes sense doesn’t it? Almost as much sense as publicly declaring GP’s salaries – I am at a loss as to how that is for the public benefit.

My doctor also said that applications to become a GP had gone down by a third in the past year, which she put down to the consequences of Government changes.

The doctors then mused as to what they would do if Jeremy Hunt was on their list of patients, “Well I’d strike him off”, they said.

“He is bound to have a private doctor though”. They added.

So who is in the best position to advise on the future of GP surgeries? The former MP for Culture, Media and Sport or two practicing Doctors with over 30 years experience between them in healthcare working 60 – 80 hours per week? If you think the Tory Government could do better with their healthcare policies – sign this petition now.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef, Please donate if you can here.

Thanks for reading.



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