Can you ban a child from reading?

My daughter is raising money for Children in Need, she has decided to do a sponsored read. “But will they still take the money Mum if I broke your rule in order to get sponsored?”. I have had to start imposing rules on reading because I have caught her on several occasions reading til late. The following morning she has bags under her eyes and is grumpy. Which is to be expected if you are 7 and sleep from 10pm. So I said “No reading at nigh-time, but you can read in the morning.”. So what did she do? She started getting up at 5am to read. Not many parents who have their child’s best interests at heart, ban reading, but it is something I have been forced to do. I have even had to tell the school that she cant do the school reading books because they are way below her reading level and therefore pointless (plus she doesn’t  need any ore excuses to read).

It is obvious how she is benefitting from reading The punctuation she uses when writing is beyond what she has been taught at school (e.g. using ‘e.g’ because of the example she has been set by the books that she reads. She has even started to write her own stories and has added that to her children n need challenge to write a story inspired by one of the books that she is reading. In this case it is Susan Hill’s The Battle for Gullywith’. Her story is based on the book but gives her ownership of the story as she decides what will happen next.

One of the biggest benefits from reading is finding out about other people’s points of view so that you see life from a different perspective. Amnesty International’s range of children’s books provide age appropriate insights into the lives of children in war torn countries such as Afghanistan – so I will be putting those titles on the Christmas list – see their website here.

I am blogging every day for Unicef. Please donate to the campaign here.

Thanks for reading.


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