A little resolve

I am going to see the Doctor tomorrow, partly because my Mum has been nagging me for ages about getting  a mammogram and secondly because it has now been a year since I had the mirena coil installed and my periods are worse not better, my moods are uncontrollable and I break out in spots and mouth ulcers as I near the coming f ‘Aunt Irma’s visit’.

My moods are my biggest problem. It only lasts for a week but a week of being the wicked witch of the north is long enough for my family who feel like running for the hills whenever I lunch into a rage.

Men are so uncomplicated – they always feel the same. I wish I could feel the same all the time. Sure you get pissed off every now and again but illogical rage is another thing entirely. Add to the mix supporting daughter with a relentless barrage of tricky maths homework while simultaneously cooking dinner and you can very quickly get the gist of my healthy temper.

Before I was about to behead my daughter’s teacher for sabotaging our psychological happiness, my husband (thankfully) attended the parent/ teacher meeting to discover that far from trying to catch us out and make us feel rubbish parents for being crap at maths and even worse at providing suitable material for a roman shield, he is actually pushing our daughter and struggling to keep up with her himself because “she has the mental age of a 10 year old”. I now feel crap about what I had said previous because he is clearly a teacher who doesn’t take the easy route – he wants to get as much as possible out of his pupils – more power to him for having the guts to try.

I had some good news at the end of the working week in that everyone has clubbed together to organise a container of supplies to be sent to the Philippines. With everyone behind the aid effort the people of the Philippines will not be defeated by the typhoon. My colleague t work ha friends out there – some who have updated their facebook profile since the typhoon struck and some who haven’t.

I am blogging every day to help Unicef support children world-wide who need help, such as those in the Philippines. Please donate here.

Thanks for reading.


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