A nutty Saturday

Yesterday’s post mentioned my room 101 issues. One of which was suppressing the urge to scream WTF!!! to people living in my corner of rural England.

Today’s occurrence was a fine example of that. As I was about to drive off I noticed the house across the road from me appeared to be burning some kind of toxic waste, judging by the colour of the smoke billowing out of his chimney. Upon my return 2 hours later, the fire engine or nee-nah (as my baby son likes to call it) had arrived with firemen wandering around the rooftop of my neighbour’s house like a bunch of Santas on a reconnaissance mission. What makes me scream ‘muppets!’ (or WTF!) is that a chimney sweep only lives 3 doors down and charges a mere 15 pounds to clean the chimney. I wonder how much it cost to send the fire service out?

Unfortunately they are not the only nincompoops on our road. Next door to us we have the pleasure of occasionally overhearing a dysfunctional family in meltdown because they have a teenage grotbag for a daughter, not that she can help it with a Mum and Stepdad who treat the local pub like their front room. They also have a penchant for collecting crap cars and then using them to take up precious places in our road. We live in the middle of nowhere, yet our road wouldn’t look out of place in London’s suburbia with all the cars parked down it. Why 2 adults and 2 kids need 5 cars is beyond me but what pushes it from casual observation to bloomin irritating is when they park their collection in front of our house so we can’t park. I know this is a bit belligerent of me but I couldn’t resist parking so close to their bumper that you would have had a job sliding a hair in-between the 2 cars. We have tried talking to them but with this lazy bunch it is much better to make life a little harder for them so that thy grasp the message …. F** off!

But there is an element of the pot calling the kettle black, as today myself and my friend ignored all the weather reports and rode out on horseback in the pissing rain. We had a laugh and a joke about it and I believe that it is a test of real friendship if you still enjoy each other’s company even when your pants are wet…..oops…that came out wrong didn’t it?

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef – check out the campaign here.

Thanks for reading.


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