Take action then enter Room 101

After yesterday’s post about tackling child poverty, I walked the talk and logged on to Unicef’s Take Action page to petition my local MP on the issues of climate change and the impact that it has on children’ s health and mortality rates. It was an incredibly easy to use site, so easy that within a couple of minutes, Unicef had helped me put a compelling email together and sent it directly to my local MP. All you have to do is fill in a questionnaire, put in your postcode and hey presto! One step closer to tackling climate change and child poverty. Get your say in now by visiting the Unicef page and  selecting the take action page or click on this link.

For the rest of today’s post I would like to share with you some of my Room 101 list. For many of you who read this blog you can probably guess the issues I would list, but here are some of the less obvious (with a hint of the Friday feeling):

– Mums who wear converse trainers because they think it looks ‘cool’

– Mornings (Am I the only person who finds it so f*** hard to get up?)

– Daily Mail readers (with a level of distaste similar to their opinions on immigration, same sex marriages and the international aid budget)

– Apple tech products (to the core) for being overpriced, unreliable, low on juice and the chosen tech tool of the smug middle classes

– Audis and BMWs (because they tend to be driven by people who also own the above)

– School uniform (give me a tiger onesie anyday)

– Received Pronounciation (give me a regional accent any day too)

– Announcing you are ‘trying for children’ because you don’t want to think about them in the can and that remark just doesn’t help matters

– Zombie games and films (do I need to explain this…..watched/ played also by zombies)

– Calories (because I get feidup of counting them)

– Living in rural Britain because every now and then I  just want to slap people round the face and scream very loudly WTF!!!!!!!
I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. To support the campaign please visit my page on Unicef’s site.
Thanks for reading (and apologies for the italics but I can’t seem….to switch….them OFF!!!!)



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