Bedtime stories

I cant go to sleep unless I have read first. I cant think of an occasion when I didn’t read before bed except maybe after a few too many drinks.

Reading helps me wind down and switch off. This is the case for a lot of people. I wonder if it has its psychological routes in bedtime stories read by parents when I was young. Possibly I retained that need to hear a story before drifting off to sleep. My baby son seems to like being read to whenever he wants to relax and  my daughter has developed y habit of reading before sleep.

Over the past 30 plus years, this has enabled me to cram quite a few titles in. Some far more readable than others. Some too readable to the point where I have kept going through to the early hours. So I thought I might add the occasional book review to this  blog in an effort to retain some of the literary highlights of my pre-slumber time.

Alistair Campbell’s, The Blair Years, (nearly typed just ‘ears’) is my current read. There are a lot of diary entries and Blair’s rein went on a bit so it will take me a while to plough through. However I am already enjoying the behind the scenes glimpse into the egos in political history. We are definitely all human and start out at the same place or thereabouts. 

This blog is for Unicef. This is the week countdown to my 100 pounds target so would be great if a pound or two could be donate the to the cause – here.

Thanks for reading.

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