Young parents

As the four of us sat in a pub enjoying Sunday lunch but staring at the bedlam on the other side of our table watching our sister and brother in law desperately try to keep control of their 2 year old and placate their 1 year old, we found ourselves thanking our lucky stars that we had our children in our twenties. This is for the simple reason that we had more energy and less of a heritage of life being just me, myself and I. Regardless of your age it also helps to have a laid back approach to parenting for an easier life and my sister in law finds it harder than most to adopt the laid back approach.

But when I think that my daughter will be of driving age by the time I am the age of my sister-in law yet her eldest is 2, no wonder life juggling a toddler and a baby feels like pushing water up hill. As my husband and I tried to alleviate the chaos so that they could at least eat a meal without it going cold and relax a little, I questioned whether they actually enjoyed being a parent or whether their effort to have children quickly before the body clock timed out had back-fired and left them with a life they had not anticipated.

I do not intend to judge anyone for being too old or too young to have children – there are pros and cons to both age ranges. However I am all for seeking the approach that will make the joy of having children even more pleasurable. To be in a situation where you are willing the early years to pass and seeking refuge in work to get some respite is not what parenting should be about yet for many that is what modern parenting has become……and that is very sad.

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