Better than chocolate

Aunt Irma is visiting again, It has now been a year since I had Mirena ‘installed’ and my periods have been getting heavier not lighter (groan). I like chocolate but I don’t crave it unless Irma  is due to visit and then I absolutely have to have it! Why do periods and chocolate go hand in hand?

It feels as if I am literally draining way.

But being out on the water was a welcome distraction even if it was just to pay a visit to Swift on her moorings to prepare  her for the incoming storm. It was already pretty choppy and we all got wet in the short journey in the rib from the jetty to the mooring. It was thrilling to watch a windsurfing match taking place in force 3 barely skimming the surface of the water as the wind rocketed them from one tack to the other. You could tell they were skilled surfers as they were using their strength and experience to keep upright and tread the fine line between controlled speed and a capsize – in that wind there was no hope of a happy medium.

I think that is what is particularly impressive, witnessing people harnessing the force of nature, whether it is surfing strong winds, skiing effortlessly across snow, driving round a bend at speed on the edge of losing traction… short achieving perfection by being on the edge. For me the greatest example of this is watching John McGuinness, the king of the Mountain, negotiate the TT. Better than chocolate and a whole lot healthier for body and soul,

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Thanks for reading.


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