Texting issues

‘I hate to be the bearer of bad news but’………when you receive a text with that opening line, you know you are not going to enjoy reading the rest.

One of my friends whose child is in my daughter’s class, has taken it upon herself to get involved in the playground politics and send a text saying ‘your daughter is not being nice to my daughter in the playground’. I am a firm believer in letting children learn  how to get on with each other, with a little bit of a steer from home as to how to deal with any issues with friends and the best way to approach problems. This does not mean contact the parents of the all the children your child has an altercation with and fight all their battles for them. If the child is being repeatedly bullied or singled out, then this is a different matter. But, in this case, when 7 year old girls fall in and out of favour with each other on a regular basis, texting parents is a bit extreme.

So what to do with the text? I posed this question to my colleagues at work when I received the message and the resounding response was ‘don’t respond’. Instead I will speak to her and assure her that I have spoken to my daughter and clarified the situation and ask her politely to phone me instead of text me next time she has an issue. Although I m worried that in saying this I may be inadvertently inviting her to pass comment on anything my daughter says or does that offends her daughter.

The problem is I quite like my friend other than her over-mothering tendencies, so don’t want to screw this up. Maybe I should put this to Graham Norton on Radio 2….If any fellow bloggers have an opinion please speak freely.

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Thanks for reading.



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