The majority world

I found out about a guy from Bangladesh who had worked hard to satisfy his parent’s desire for him to be a doctor of science. He achieved his PHD in Chemistry but there was a problem. Like so many children who seek the approval of their parents and follow their wishes, he was doing something that he didn’t really want to do. But what would he rather do? He had no idea.

But one day he happened upon the opportunity to travel to New York for just 90 pounds. He jumped on the flight and when he arrived in New York, he bought a camera requested by a friend as ‘they are cheaper in America’. The friend never got round to collecting the camera so he ended up with it by default. Something then dawned on him, ‘I can use this camera as a weapon, a weapon against the injustice in this world’.

He began to take pictures of events that took place I ‘the majority world’ or as westerners like to refer to it ‘the developing world’. When there were floods that devastated communities in Bangladesh, he took pictures captivating the locals resolve to recover, as opposed to the white westerners portrayal of destruction and despair. Of all the major newspaper titles, the New York Times was the only publication in the western world that preferred his pictures – that of hope and resilience, of strength and resourcefulness.

This photographer makes the guys that earn mega bucks shooting celebs look like a bunch of pussies Why? Because of his belief in changing the way we think and influencing the way the world is now, one shutter-click at a time.

His name is Dr Shahidul Alam – see his work here –

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. Please donate to the campaign here.

Thanks for reading.


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