The right path to safeguarding children

I was thankful to have gone offline this weekend as I had the lurgey and it would have been a very disinteresting couple of blogs because I just hibernated and felt sorry for myself.

There was a delay in typing my next paragraph as I was arguing/ debating with my husband whether or not the Met should be investigating he Madeline McCann case. I accused him of sounding like a Sun reader (even though he reads The Guardian) because he kept uttering the two words ‘taxpayers money’.

I believe it is a good thing, first to get an answer for the McCann’s after years of torture and second, because it may expose criminals who have been involved in other unsolved crimes. Tonight’s crimewatch report was chilling to watch as they displayed the efits of individuals who may have taken her. To think that there may have been men on a reconnaissance mission days prior to her abduction observing the comings and goings around the apartment is equally distressing. While Mrs McCann admits they were ill advised to have had dinner at a Tapas bar and leave their children unsupervised, I don’t think any parent is in a position to criticise when we all know how quickly you can lose sight of your child and, in that moment until you catch sight of them again, how aware you are of the fate that could have befallen them in a very short space of time. The CCTV of Jamie Bulger walking out of a shop with boys who would later kill him and then his mother’s panicked figure rushing outside to find him when she realised he had gone took just minutes.

I believe it could happen to anyone and it is about being n the wrong place at the wrong time. On holiday you have to be just as vigilant as you would be at home, if not more so.

But given the crimewatch report, I would be interested to know how many families would choose to holiday in Portugal following the Portugese Police’s incredibly poor investigation of this tragic case. I hope that in following the path to find Madeleine, the Met Police also take a big step in mitigating against such tragic cases happening in the future.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef to help them safeguard the future of children around the world. If you can help, please visit to donate.

Thanks for reading.



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