The final word

Not in a good place this evening. My daughter cried herself to sleep because the bed she saw advertised in the school office window, whose dimensions and telephone number she so diligently noted down in her notebook, is a bit too big for the bedroom, I think it would squeeze in but Daddy has said no.

I think that is why I am not in a good place. Because he seems to get the final word on all decisions. Ultimately everything hangs on whether or not he will agree to it. It is difficult for me to decipher as I am so laid back about most things. Unless there is a very good reason why we shouldn’t do something, I tend to say ‘yes’, I’m like a yes woman version of the Jim Carrey film. This does come in handy at work as I am the person who will think positively about why something could work rather than being the person who lists all the negatives.

I try my best to negotiate and compromise so that I have a say on things, but sometimes I feel a little brow beaten. So nothing has changed in however many decades then….

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Thanks for reading.


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