A good reason to have roast dinner on Mondays

I had to do roast dinner this eve, not your traditional day to do a roast but we ran out of time on Sunday because we were having way too much fun out on the water enjoying some rare sunshine in October.

It felt like the height of summer in t-shirts and sunglasses with the sunshine glinting off the top of the waves – absolute bliss. This is only our second time out in our Swift 18 so we were grateful for a mild breeze. She sailed so well that we finished wanting more wind and speed. It was an immensely satisfying day when every tack ran like clockwork despite the odd baby boy and dog in the way. Well, maybe to the untrained eye it went like clockwork but although we won’t be tackling the Americas cup just yet, it still felt good.

I had forgotten to bring my camera, which was a shame as the view of the South Downs from the sea was utterly captivating. Another moment in life when you just want to press pause. We didn’t get too carried away though and sensibly returned before the tide got the better of us. It was great to glide in to our mooring using the goose-wing method, although we did have to fire up the outboard when we struggled to get hold of the buoy. Both myself and my daughter were running on empty all day energy wise and on the brink of a tantrum at the drop of the hat owing to baby boy keeping us awake during the night.

After a few mini tantrums my daughter sensibly went down below for a cat-nap, although it wasn’t easy as the boat heeled over. I felt sorry for her as she was so excited about going out on the boat, she just didn’t have the energy to enjoy it. We are blessed with a fabulous café right by the slipway so some toffee crunch ice-cream was the order of the day when we got back, probably our last order of ice-cream for 2013.

It was just what we all needed – sailing is definitely tonic for the soul whatever age you are (and ice-cream……and good coffee). It’s a shame that we are nearly at the end of the season when we were just starting to enjoy ourselves.

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Thanks for reading.


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