Riding the past

This morning I unwittingly gave way on the road to a friend I haven’t seen since I was 16. She was coming out of the petrol garage and I was in the queue of traffic coming past. I stopped to let her past and she had to wait before coming out because of the traffic coming from the other direction. This gave me time to study her face to confirm my initial reaction, “I know that person”. Seeing her instantly brought back memories of long hacks in the countryside wearing our Guns N Roses t-shirts, black jodhpurs and swigging cans of cider because we could get away with it when away from the parents. We weren’t the posh type of horse-riders, to us they were the animal equivalent of motorbikes giving us freedom to explore and get away from the control of adults. But we loved the ponies we rode and enjoyed pampering them and doing their stables just s much as riding them.

My passion for horses as never diminished s the years have gone by, neither has my enjoyment of G N R tracks. Seeing her again after all these years reminded me of my “coming of age” and how long ago that was. I wasn’t sure whether she recognised me and as I drove off I found myself wondering what she is doing now. She looked to me like she was still involved with horses. I believe it is possible for a person to look horsey and she certainly did.

As I carried on driving to work, I drove past the remains of my old school, which has now been torn down to the ground to make way for new houses.

I got the weird feeling that time had suddenly passed by yet in my head it was only a year ago that I was at school and messing around with horses and music in my spare time.

I hope to bump into my old friend again to reminisce but I wonder whether that is such a good idea – some things are best preserved as memories,

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Thanks for reading.


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