There was no blog post last night because I was burning the candle at both ends. It literally felt like I was running a marathon between standing upright and lying on my back. This wasn’t helped by the window in my car collapsing into the door. It had been an un seasonally hot day and out in the farm park enjoying the animals and tractors was great, soaking up the last of the sun. However, when we returned to the car it was like an oven. So I pressed all the windows down and then 5 minutes down the road I heard the most almighty crash. It was weird because it sounded like it had come from outside the car. I stopped the car and got out to inspect the damage. I then went to press the windows up again and that’s when I heard the noise of a malfunctioning window. It wasn’t going anywhere. So I had to get it sorted otherwise the car was going to get wet overnight and/or it was going to get broken into. En route to the garage, I collected my daughter from the bus stop, paid a visit to the horses, put some adverts up for someone to give my husband a hand with all the tree and hedge work and swung into the supermarket to grab some bread to stave the children’s hunger before supper time.

Thankfully the garage had a couple of sofas and a tv so we were able to do all the things we would be doing at home (watching tv then doing homework) while I waited for my husband to pick us up.

When I got home it w kids tea, followed by bed-time followed by hubby tea, followed by ordering new school shoes because the other ones dont fit properly, then emailing pictures of our hoopathon to the school for their newsletter. By the time I contemplated doing this blog it was nearly midnight, so I crawled into bed …..

But last night before bed-time, I had an interesting and very amusing conversation with my daughter. She had seen on tv that a person existed with a nose on their forehead as well as their normal nose. Then ensued lots of scenarios when this becomes funny…..holding both noses when someone has done a fart, dealing with a snotty nose and smelling flowers.

We then talked about the occasions when my mouth has said something completely different to what I had intended. This is becoming worryingly more frequent. I am hoping it is down to age and tiredness. For instance, at the hoopathon, I asked the children to hand out the flowers instead of flyers. My brain is too busy thinking about the next thing and doesn’t concentrate properly on what I am trying to communicate at that time. Most children find it hysterical when adults admit moments of stupidity, my daughter is no different….



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