The best of humanity

“They will just glance at you and walk past”, said my husband when he saw the banner I had put out in the corridor ready for tomorrow’s hoopathon for the Bhopal Medical Appeal. Of course I am hoping that won’t be the case, which is why myself and my friend will be making a complete spectacle of ourselves as we prance about spinning the hoop to hopefully more than one man and his dog. My husband has just criticised the image I am using for the banner, he thinks it will scare people away. I am hoping it will make them stop and look and want to know more.
It is difficult to summarise the Bhopal disaster in a nutshell without using lots of text. The image of the child’s face buried in the earth following the lethal chemical spill speaks volumes and is more powerful than words.

I will let you know who had the more accurate take on humanity in tomorrow’s post. In the meantime please take time to visit the website of the Bhopal Medical Appeal, to find out what happened and why I feel motivated to take action.

Thanks for reading this fundraising blog.

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