Ageing fashion

I work at a place that is quite experimental with fashion. I still find it bizarre how fashion works. One month something is considered a real fashion faux pas, the next it is heralded as a new trend. 

I spoke to a student today who looked fabulous wearing a long denim shirt and slightly torn patterned tights. She was only 16 but I don’t recall pulling off any fashion ensembles like that. The best I could muster was an attempt at the grunge look with one of my Dads old jumpers and some jeans that were more ripped than jeans shaped. 

What has made me feel really old however is the return of the 90s block heel. All of a sudden kids who were my age when I wore those shoes are now wearing the spice girl inspired block heels, some with the white trainer platform look AKA baby spice. I know it takes at least a decade for a unique fashion to come back, which is why I am feeling old because, like most people, I still think I am 17. I have got older but I am in denial of that fact. Therefore when I see teenagers wearing what I used to wear as a teenager, I feel that is not allowed because that was my era (which in my head was not that long ago) so it mustn’t be mixed up with teenage fashion now.

Another incident that makes me feel old was when I was driving some teenagers to an activity and I was playing one of the ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ albums from a couple of years ago. In my older thirty-something world, a 2 year old album is up-to-date music. One of the teens said, “Oh my God I haven’t heard this in ages…’s so old”.

You also know you are getting old when your own mother turns round to you and says, “so when are you going to do something about the grey”. Aaaah bloody mother she has been dying my hair since I was 14. I am not going to continue into my sixties. 

Anyway I must go now as hubby is getting annoyed with a malfunctioning lamp and I don’t think me repetitively tapping a keyboard is helping….

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Thanks for reading.

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