Let her eat cake

It was women only in the office today and we said our sad goodbyes to a valued member of the team who is off to pastures new. I don’t know whether it was because this term is so exhausting for everyone or whether all of us were in sync with our menstrual states, but there was a lot of heart to hearts going on – even a few tears. 

Like in many workplaces, the threat of redundancy and general job security lies underneath the surface and meanwhile we all do our jobs and try not to let the unstable make-up of the team and the uncertain future bother us. I am a great one for only worrying about the here and now not what may or may not happen.

So to make us all feel better it has become a bit of a tradition to eat home-made cake at team meetings. As one of my colleagues started to cry, cake was thrust into her arms and a smile lit up her face. A member of our team who has lost a lot of weight recently, refused point blankly to eat even a crumb and that got us onto the subject of eating disorders.

We all discussed experiences of either suffering a disorder or knowing of someone who had an issue.The youngest mentioned was an 11 year old bulimic. We all agreed that the obsession with the female shape to be a certain size continues to escalate and this has filtered down to the younger generation who seem to be affected by body image at a younger age.

As much as we criticise the pressure placed upon us to look thin, the truth is we (as in women) are our own worst enemy. We are the first to judge someone on their size and shape and the first to comment on weight gain and loss.

I don’t think this obsession with looking thin will diminish but how do we stop it from affecting young girls and teenagers? I’m not sure I have the answer at 10 past 11 on a weekday evening but it is definitely something that needs to be discussed….

This blog is for Unicef. Check out how I am doing with fundraising for this blog here.

Thanks for reading.


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