Preparing a child for teenage hormone surfing

My daughter has just started to learn the guitar. My Mum bought her the guitar (phew) so all we have had to cover are the lessons (heavily subsidised by our local council – phew again) and the books (only 6 pounds so double phew). The reason for my many sighs of relief over the impact on the purse strings, is that we already pay for Saturday Theatre School and swimming lessons. She is also starting football club this term, now that some of her friends have agreed to join her so that she is not the only girl. The club is run by a league club so it will hopefully be the best possible introduction to football. But of course, more kit is required so have now purchased football boots. So this is what they mean about children being expensive.

In addition to this,the school has made it compulsory for all children in my daughter’s school year to learn violin. Thankfully the council cover the cost of hiring the instrument and I am very grateful to them for the opportunity. I just need to work-out how I am going to shoe-horn violin practice, into a week of guitar practice, home-work, reading, football, theatre school and just time to be a kid! Now we have a boat, our weekends are going to be full too so she is going to be one busy little lady.

But I am glad she has so many interests as, hopefully, she will end up with one that she enjoys enough to continue through her teens to help her surf the adolescent wave of hormones.

Personally, I am hoping it will be the guitar and that she will be able to play some of my favourite guitar riffs. From The Manics, to Foo Fighters to Biffy Clyro to Nirvana and a bit of Paulo Nutini. That’s just of the top of my head, there is so much more she can discover for herself and even come up with her own music. 

As for football, I hope she enjoys it – I’d much rather she was a player than a WAG.

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Thanks for reading.


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