Escaping the land lubbers

Apologies for absence last night. A series of late nights suddenly overcame me and like a woman of a sensitive nature in need of a chaise lounge in a Jane Austen novel, I retired to my bedchamber early. I am also mindful of the fact that I have a month to go before my target date to have raised 100 pounds for Unicef through this blog in 12 months. So far I have raised 72 pounds (some of it through generous fellow bloggers and a large percentage of it through my offline fee). For every night I miss, I pay 1 pound to Unicef. So in skipping a blog last night I also had one eye on reaching target through the offline fee. If you are reading this and liking the concept of blogging to raise money, then please help out if you can by visiting Unicef’s site.

I was hoping that by Sunday night I would be a few steps nearer to acquiring more knowledge on how to sail a Swift 18. To no avail, owing to my own stupidity for not checking with the sailing trainer what ‘Saturday’ we were talking about. I meatn the 7th he meant the 14th. So, 5 miles to the coast I get a reply on text to say he meant next Saturday. Bugger. So we thought we would at least attempt an evening out on the rib as I had organised childcare for baby boy. When we got there the harbour was bone dry. The tide couldn’t have been any further out if it tried. When we had booked timings, the trainer was basing it on the following weekend’s tides. Double bugger. So we walked along the harbour wall to spot our boat and to double check it wasn’t the one with the keel down dangerously listing to one side on a mud bank. For a brief panic stricken moment we thought it was. But then we walked a little further and there she was, sitting perfectly flat and balanced patiently waiting for the tide to return.

This morning we set out with high hopes for another day on the water at a more Sunday friendly time for high-tide of 1pm. So we trundled on down to the boat at our leisure, got the new and bigger rib out and motored on out to the mooring. Also joining us this morning were a flotilla of lasers en route to a race. The wind was up and we didn’t fancy a maiden voyage with the main sail on a gusty day so elected to faff on the boat for a bit and have a picnic before deciding when to go out. Thank god we delayed as 20 minutes later we were all huddled into the cabin as the waves bounced us up and down and the rain made little white perforations across the surface of the sea. A lone sailor in a dinghy was soaked through trying to control her sails in the sudden storm and we watched her carefully just in case she needed rescuing. Meanwhile the dogs shivered and shook in the cabin wearing an expression that read “If you were after sea dogs you should have bought another breed”. 

But we enjoyed being cosy in the cabin hugging cups of tea while the rain lashed down and the waves slapped the bow of the boat. Several attempts were made to contemplate a little trip down the channel but as soon as we made moves to get organised, the storm clouds gathered as if they had read our thoughts and we beat a hasty retreat back into the cabin.

So today’s boating trip consisted of a short rib ride to the boat, a picnic, 2 cups of tea and a rather wet rib ride back to the harbour again. But we loved it. For me its the opportunity to get away from the crowded land lubbers and see everything from a new perspective on the water.

Thanks for reading.


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