The scream continues

I empathise with people who are depressed. It doesn’t help when people say, “but at least you are not starving in Africa or protecting your children from harm in Syria”. This is of course very very true, but it still doesn’t help. Because sometimes you just cannot help how you feel, no matter how hard you try.

I have no reason at all to feel low. In fact I should be grinning from ear to ear every day, but not in a smug way just in a happy way. But Aunt Irma (my period) is visiting again and my hormones are on a trip I don’t like that is non-negotiable. I can’t conceal feeling low either, although my children will never fail to make me smile. Even my mother-in-law who is like the Queen about emotions asked “are you OK?”. My best friend also picked up on it and I really tried to be ‘myself’ but it just wasn’t happening.

At least it is related to ‘women’s issues’ and so I can just go to the Doc and say, “Look this Mirena Coil thing isn’t working, whip it out and shove something in me that eliminates periods and moods please?” Maybe the Doc might even suggest a sex change, although men can also be moody even more frequently than monthly. 

If I were to draw parallels between my mood and the animal kingdom, I am like a Bull keen to lock horns with anyone who disturbs the peace or a hippo on a day when they shift from looking cute to being one of the world’s deadliest animals (the ones that are reported to go on a tourist scare rampage).

At times like this, the only thing to turn to is Marmite on toast, Ben & Jerry’s and a wee dram of Vino while I wait for the storm to pass. 

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. If you can help despite me moaning in this blog about something as trivial as women’s issues, please visit my Unicef page here.

Thanks for reading………now bugger off.



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