Its been lovely but I need to scream now!

When my husband saw this quote on a fridge magnet next to a picture of a 50’s housewife with a smiley but slightly crazed look in her eyes, he thought of me.

That is why it now graces our fridge at home. When I glance at it my subconscious agrees with the sentiment. That is why you can take a self-help class in primal screaming. How many of you have felt like screaming when in a situation that, underneath the surface is driving you insane, yet society dictates that you must remain calm and polite (particularly British society).

Yesterday was exciting, stressful and exhausting (hence my lack of a post – another one pound in the pot to Unicef). First we drove to the bank to take out a large sum of money ready to pay for the boat (as mentioned in a previous post). The HQ of the bank gave us the wrong postcode (not the first time this has happened) so we spent 30 minutes on a wild goose chase through a city trying to locate the bloody bank. Once we found it I patiently waited with the children and dogs in a hot car park while hubby went to raid our account. It took a while so I ended up dropping the tail-gate on the back of the pick-up and setting up a picnic for the kids – I felt a bit like a gypsy.

Hubby then returned with the combat pockets of his shorts fully loaded with the green stuff. We then drove another hour to the marina where the boat was moored and played ‘guess which boat it is’ off the harbour wall. It helped to keep us entertained while we waited for the owner to turn up. Kids soon grew impatient so thank God for the play ground.

When the boat owner turned up, hubby disappeared to the Marina while I entertained the kids in the playground but they couldn’t keep away from the boats for long so I soon found myself wandering aimlessly round the marina passing boats with names like ‘Miss B Havin’ and ‘Capische’ and my favourite ‘Ow Much’. We were playing ‘guess where Daddy is’ for quite a while as we gazed across a sea of boats (literally and sorry about the pun) looking for one with 2 guys on it. “Where is he Mum?” said my daughter, “I dunno just look for 2 men on a boat”. Eventually we found them as they chugged in on a gorgeous little sail boat. Hubby had inspected it, well enough to satisfy himself that it floated. “I hope you approve too”, the owner said to me, “as I have just paid the marine 100 pounds to lift it out of the water”. Then ensued a fascinating process, overseen by baby boy in his buggy on the pontoon in wonderment, of an underwater forklift scooping up the boat in a sling mechanism and dropping it onto the trailer. This machine made boat lifting look easy and myself, daughter and baby boy were fascinated at how this thing just lifted motorboats out of the sea, swivelled round and slotted them into their little dry store bay like they were cans in a cupboard.

Now on the trailer, the boat had to be de-rigged. “So the de-rigging will take about 30 minutes?” I said, “Probably a little longer actually”, the owner said. It was already 6.30 in the evening and the kids had been living off snacks all afternoon but no tea, so we returned to the playground once again while the boys did their thing with the boat.

Just before nightfall, I returned with the children in time to wave goodbye to the boat owner. The money had changed hands and we were now the proud owners. We just needed to get it home. So then we had to tie everything down for transit, whack the reg plate and electrics on the back and then….go find a fish and chip shop for supper.

Having run out of time to take it back to my husband’s yard, we decided the boat could stay overnight on our drive. When we arrived home at 11pm (kids thankfully fast asleep) we had to get as much of the mast and boat on the drive as possible. This involved some snug parking to the point where the aerial on the top of the mast was inches away from our front door.

Hubby then left at stupid o clock this morning to park it temporarily at his yard.

We just need to find some water to rent now, which is proving impossible as we approach the end of the sailing season. So far , a lot of money has changed hands, not to mention the arrival of a few more grey hairs, but no sailing as yet.

That is why it has been lovely buying a boat and all that but….think I need to scream now!

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef – can you spare a quid? if so visit my page on Unicef’s site.

Thanks for reading.


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