Uncharted waters

Continuing with the aqua theme, we are about to embark  on the uncharted waters of boat ownership tomorrow (gulp). We are both excited and scared of what lies in store for us. At work today, I was making what seemed like the 6th round of teas and coffees (I had the very over-paid role of Mrs Doyle from Father Ted), when I encountered a mug (a cup not person) with a very good quote: ‘life begins outside your comfort zone’. Lets hope life doesn’t end there too.

I am also embarking on the uncharted waters of marriage to a man who can see age 40 in the distant horizon and is having a bit of a career crisis. He is pursuing education again as his route out but this looks unlikely to happen as he has never been that academic. Yet he is not that keen on me helping out with a bit more of the bread winning because that goes against his traditional approach to man the hunter and wife in cave. I have the long hair of a female neanderthal but none of the submission. 

So in the meantime hubby is going to take the ostrich approach to problems and looks like boat ownership will provide a distraction, I just hope it will last a little longer than the motorbike – at least we can all fit on it for a start.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. Check out how much I have raised so far here.

Thanks for reading.


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