In deep but glorious water

My absence yesterday (another 1 pound in the kitty to Unicef) was owing to finally getting into bed at midnight after returning from a trial sailing trip with friends and family. 

It was fabulous, by far the best day out we have had with the children this holidays for many reasons, but the biggest being the chance to avoid the crowds. As soon as you are on the blue stuff it feels you are free from the hurly burly of traffic and too many people in a confined area. We could explore the harbour, enjoying the unique view of the coastline, the islands and the sea. A cormorant stood majestic on a pole as we sailed by and terns dive-bombed the sea for fish as we moored at a beach. 

The children then stripped down to nothing but their life-jackets and had a play in the water while we climbed up to the top of the island to look at the spectacular view that greeted us at the top. Even the dog had a good time.

I was pleasantly surprised by baby boy who was burbling, giggling and pointing as we bobbed along despite the fact that he was in a confined area on the stern of a little boat. The older children were up on the bow lying on their fronts with their hair dangling over the front watching the waves. 

After an hour on the beach we gently made our way back to the harbour slipway passing couples on larger boats enjoying supper and wine on as they sat enjoying the sun’s last rays twinkling on the top of the sea – bliss.

Ok there were a few not so good bits. It took at least half an hour for the guys to rig the boat up, thankfully we were able to entertain the children at a nearby fairground. We had yo use the outboard to move off the slipway and this required petrol, which added further delay to our launch. Once on the slipway it then took another 30 minutes to de-rig and get the boat back on the trailer again but the kids didn’t mind as they larked around on the grass, despite the fact that it was way past 8pm and they hadn’t had much to eat all day except for sandwiches, some crisps and chocolate. A drive-thru KFC soon sorted that out but we immediately regretted it once consumed – why does fast food always feel so rubbish in your tummy? Because it is literally junk.

So now we want to get our own boat and enjoy family days and weekends out on the water. We know we will have a steep learning curve to climb and no doubt a few adventures await us that will be mildly traumatic. But, as with anything that takes a bit of effort and perseverance, the rewards will be great.

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef. Please check out my fundraising page here.

Thanks for reading.


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